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Feb 2016 0 Comment

Entry 9: Shut Up And Wait

So after on-going discussions with Ryan about what we think are the logistics and challenges of the production, I wrote up and sent through the following email to Andy:

Hi Andy,

Hope you had a great weekend!

I have a few items I’d like to touch base with you on, but I’m keenly aware that this could be annoying. I’m just eager to “get goin'” given the size of the project we’re about to undertake and the timeframes involved! I appreciate you would have plenty on your plate right now, so please feel free to tell me to get back under my rock until you’re good and ready 🙂


Is there an update on the ETA?

Your Budget

As we discussed, I’m very keen to see your initial budget, to use it as a base so I can flesh it out with an indicative breakdown and schedule. We got feedback that there are some questions about expense, so I want to get a high level view of the per 8th costs so we can make some good, demonstrated decisions with the screenplay that translate to potential cost savings. Which leads me to…

The Mechanical/Optical/Special Effects Experts

You mentioned that your PA was researching who’s available. I’m really keen to speak to someone about what’s possible and the associated costs because we don’t have the same learnings we can apply ourselves like we could with Waterborne. Has your PA come up with any names?

Department Head Gaps

Are we in a position to know what Department Head spots need to be filled (and how many of those can be filled with “non-ACTers”?) If so, can you supply your thoughts about this?

Ryan and Richard Trip Up North

We’re planning to come up to the ACT and NSW in the next week or so (over a weekend period) to meet with our DOP (to help build an indicative, no obligation shot list for the schedule). We’d love it if we could see you and Monica on the same trip, even if it was just for a quick “hi!” We seem to be hugging a lot of people lately, so I can’t guarantee that wouldn’t happen as well. Can you let us know when you might be available over the next two weeks?

Really appreciate you reading this email, and completely understand if you feel the need to tell me to shut up and wait.

Talk soon,


We’ll see what he says. My money is on “shut up and wait”.

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