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Entry 35: How The Hell Do We Make This Movie?

As we work through the casting process for the film, it has occurred to me that there is one question that is repeatedly asked of us when discussing the production of Contained; how in hell are we going to shoot a movie that is set on the ocean, in a city that is 150kms from the East Coast? How indeed? In a nutshell, we're going to build some pools. Big ones. The reason the pools have to be that big is mainly because of the size of our set - a mocked freight container. In our screenplay, the container is 20ft long. To be able to fit what and who we want in to that kind of a

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Entry 36: Oh, Dear Lord; They’re Sales Agents

This is Michael Favelle and Martin Gallery. I have very strong feelings and opinions about these two people, and others like them - but who are they? Well, Michael is the founder and CEO of Odin's Eye Entertainment, and Martin is the SVP for Asia Pacific with Odin's. Oh dear Lord, that means they are Sales Agents. That's right, Dear Reader. Gaze into their eyes and ye shall stare unto the abyss. Here be the creeping shadows and conniving whispers of the film industry, rendered into flesh. Look upon them, and despair... ...if you don't have them supporting you and your film. The tru

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Entry 37: Ready to Burst

I want you to imagine eternal blackness, Dear Reader. There is less than nothing, because within this vacuum of matter, you yourself do not exist. It is both suffocating and relaxing at the same time. You contemplate your life so far in this blackness, but you also contemplate its eventual end. Suddenly, a scene explodes into existence around you. You first see the corrugated walls of a freight container that traps you inside. There isn't much room for you in this small space, because a car takes up much of the area. The shelving and boxes behind it don't help either. The container rocks to

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Entry 38: An Unexpected Path

The past two months have been an experience that I don't think anyone involved in the project could have anticipated. The good news: interest for the film in markets around the world continues to grow. The not so good news: in order to make good on that interest, the budget of the movie must grow again beyond the scope we had been working with, indeed; beyond the scope of existing agreements that had bound The Film Distillery and Veritas Entertainment together. And so, over the past two and a bit months we have been negotiating. Negotiating what the new budget would be. Negotiating how that