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Dec 2015 0 Comment

Entry 2: Brown Paper Baggin’ It

This email from Karel came through today, and it made me want to puke and defecate at the same time:

Hi guys,

Quick reminder that I need to receive your scripts today.

I guess the deadline is 23.59h tonight, but I’m hoping you’ll be doing different things in those final moments before the cutoff.

So far we have only received scripts from:


We have to be really strict, as obviously we will start reading tonight, 1 Jan at 00.00h, to ensure we have a verdict for you by 15 Jan.

Thanks for your understanding.

Oh, and Happy New Year!



Say whaaaat? You are my witness, Dear Reader – I sent the bloody email through two days ago! Oh, wait. There’s another email from Karel, sent only to me and Ryan. It’s a reply to the email I sent on the 29th:

Okay – just found this email somewhere in a forgotten folder.

Receipt acknowledged.

Happy New Year dudes!



Farrr out. Someone pass me a brown paper bag.

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