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Mar 2016 0 Comment

Entry 13: We’re In

It’s been pretty quiet since our visit to Canberra, mainly because everyone just has to wait for Chamberlain’s Law Firm to write up all of the documentation required to facilitate the birth of the legal entities needed to make Contained a reality. Work has been work – hectic and time consuming – so it feels like only yesterday we were up there, instead of weeks ago.

To stay proactive on the film front, I contacted two organisations to see if they would agree to some mutually beneficial arrangements in support of the film. The first was Voyance Insights, an online marketing and consultation firm that are pretty much at the cutting edge of company promotion and sales lead generation activity in the digital world. I know the brilliant owner, Joel, from work I’ve done in the past, and I’m good friends with their resident genius HTML coder, Sebastien, too. When I called Joel, the pitch I gave him was this: secure a domain and build a website for our company, Veritas Entertainment, and make it so good that it acts as a calling card that can be used to start conversations about Voyance helping with the online promotion for Contained. I could tell Joel was interested, so we set up a meeting in a few days to really hash out how it would work.

The next call I made was to Jason, of Rock Hawk Records, a new recording label that had one band on their books; their own hard rock group Grandhour, and were looking to sign more now that their very own state of the art recording studio complex was built. Jason and his wife, Nicole, are incredibly talented and passionate musicians – just the kind of artists we want to work with. I told him that we would love for Grandhour to come up with some tracks for Ryan to consider using in the cut to credits at the end of the film. We could make no promises that he would select anything they came up with, but if he did, the exposure would be pretty good for- “Rich, Rich,” Jason interrupted. “We’re in.”

Boom! I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

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