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02 Nov 0 Comment

Entry 31: The Rape Room

On the day before the trip to Canberra for the second investor presentation, I got a call from an unfamiliar number while I was in a meeting, so I couldn't take it. I was booked for meetings for the rest of that afternoon, in fact, so I wouldn't be able to find out who it was for some time The mystery was solved shortly after, however, when Andy texted me to say that his PA was looking to organise rooms for Ryan and me and they were struggling to find anything available. I got an email from the PA shortly after that, asking me what we would prefer - to share a room or to have separate rooms.

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Entry 32: Magic

Ryan and I sent off our latest draft of the screenplay today; the fourth draft with seven revisions. That would arguably put it closer to six drafts of actual work. After hitting send, it occurred to me that for a blog about two filmmakers who define themselves as writers first, directors and producers second - there hasn't been a whole lot of discussion about how we go about the craft of screenwriting in this blog. That's probably for the best. I'm still learning, and I'm not a teacher. Karel Segers is a teacher. You would be far better served talking to him. But. Gah. There IS someth

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Entry 33: Dry and Juicy

Well, Dear Reader, the production has now been effectively 'soft-launched' by being mentioned in a story about Accelerator POD and it's relationship with Odin's Eye, which is great! At about the same time, our Production Team (Andy, Shannon, Ryan and myself) did something quite dry, and then something quite juicy - all in the same day. First, the dry: You'll note in the article I linked to above, that Contained is scheduled "... to go into production in early 2017." We are absolutely working towards that, but in order for it to happen with the huge amount of work that is still waiting to b