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07 Jun 0 Comment

Entry 19: Happy That We Are Happy

Today, Ryan and I agreed to the Writer’s Assignment for the film. It’s an important, if symbolic, moment for us, because it means that the SPV, Contained The Movie Pty Ltd now owns the rights to our screenplay for the next five years. The importance of that is obvious, but the reason why I say it’s also largely symbolic is that we own 50% of the SPV, anyway. So we’re basically assigning the rights over to ourselves, in that nothing can happen to change the course of the film production without general resolution, and we have a vote in that, so we’re protected. Not that I’d be wor

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Entry 20: Four Months Of Pre Pre Is A Long Time

Today was Ryan’s birthday celebrations at a tavern and craft beer brewery. It was great to catch up with all the mutual friends we have. What was unexpected was all the questions about the movie that I was peppered with. I didn’t expect there to be anywhere near as much interest, but people seemed genuinely pleased for us and genuinely interested in how it was all developing. The questions on the latter subject in particular were tinged with a bit of confusion - people didn’t understand what was taking so long. What was the hold up? Why didn’t we even know when we would be shooting yet

14 Jun 1 Comment

Entry 21: World Class Talent

Tom sent me through a link to his showreel, and I forwarded that through to Andy and Shannon to have a look at. What I loved about this work on that film was the choices he made at particular points in the story. When the subject of the doco achieves what she has dedicated her career and life towards, the music is understated - not a crescendo as you might expect. It’s beautiful, and perfectly frames the moment, but it doesn’t try to obviously add to it, you know? It shows respect to that moment by not trying to get in the way. Can you imagine the restraint required by a composer to do tha

20 Jun 1 Comment

Entry 22: Hate People Like That

Today was script read through day. I’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time, but I think I might be a little unique amongst screenwriters as to why. For those who don’t know, an optional tool for getting your screenplay as good as it can be in the time that you are allowed is to gather some actors around a table, read through your script, take notes on how it plays, and get their comments on what worked and what didn’t. Even though it’s not the first time we had shown the screenplay to anyone, it was pretty much the first time it had been put ‘out there’; interpreted b

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Entry 23: Hawk of Rock

Got an email from Nicole from Rock Hawk Records with a Dropbox link for 3 demo tracks that Grandhour had completed that she felt could be right for the film. I was so excited to listen to those songs. When the collaborative process works well, it’s so fun and exciting. There is nothing better than seeing the interpretation of your work by another artist, and what’s a better example of that than music for a film? As expected, the tracks were amazing. Ryan’s description of the first, Dynamite, was spot on - it wouldn’t take much of an arrangement change to see it as a perfect opening tr

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Entry 24: The Director’s Mentor

Today was the day for the ‘Director’s Mentor Session’. What is that, I pretend to hear you ask? It’s risk mitigation. Look, it breaks down like this: Ryan is a first-time feature director. In order to make sure all parties interested in the successful completion of the film are satisfied that the inherent risks of a first-time director are mitigated, you do things like get that first-time director to sit down with someone who is experienced, and if possible, that experience is with projects that will face the same kind of challenges. For us, the big challenge is water. Andy and Shanno

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Entry 25: Karel Showed Us The Way

Today was the last day of the long awaited two day workshop with the awe-inspiring Karel Segers. Now, hang on a second. Just wait a moment. I don’t use the term ‘awe-inspiring’ lightly. In fact, I don’t really use it at all. But in Karel’s case, it’s absolutely required. You have to understand something. I believe that when you love doing a certain activity, you tend to think about that activity a lot. You tend to read about it, or watch videos on it, attend courses on it and talk about it a hell of a lot with other people who love it, too. And of course, you’re always doing tha

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Entry 26: Full Circle Moment

Today was fun. Before Karel headed back to Sydney, he asked us, on Monica’s behalf, if we would be willing to do an online hookup with him on the first weekend of the 2016 POD. Of course we were willing, and so on the appointed hour in the afternoon, we sat in front of my laptop and got the Google Hangout invite from him. I clicked “Join” and there on the screen, like a portal to the place of happy memories, was the very room in Canberra in which we had sat over all those months last year - learning from Karel, refining our projects and pitching our guts out. Karel was a classy facilita