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03 May 0 Comment

Entry 17: Where It Started

An auspicious event today - I received the share certificates and consent form to be a director in Contained The Film Pty Ltd from Andy, and signed them! Every little step makes it feel more tangible, more in reach. Man, I hope we can deliver the goods. I hope we can deliver on the promise of our screenplay and I hope that audiences embrace the film. Ultimately, you just don’t know what will happen, but I so want to look back at the copies of those signed documents years from now and say to myself - that’s where it started, that’s where our new lives were cemented. A big step towards ac

31 May 0 Comment

Entry 18: An Unexpected Trip

So the cast read through totally did not happen. A very unexpected trip to Malaysia meant it wasn’t possible. I only got back last Friday, on the 27th, and this is the first chance I’ve had to scratch my butt, it feels like. It’s incredibly hot over there in Malaysia. My favourite part of the day was the late afternoon. I would stay in the darkened bedroom with the air-conditioning and ceiling fans creating a delicious cool breeze that would relax me as I typed away on my laptop. Got a lot of work done on screenplay revisions and other stuff for the film. In addition, I was able to sec