Keep Up To Date With Veritas Entertainment

09 Mar 0 Comment

Entry 13: We’re In

It’s been pretty quiet since our visit to Canberra, mainly because everyone just has to wait for Chamberlain’s Law Firm to write up all of the documentation required to facilitate the birth of the legal entities needed to make Contained a reality. Work has been work - hectic and time consuming - so it feels like only yesterday we were up there, instead of weeks ago. To stay proactive on the film front, I contacted two organisations to see if they would agree to some mutually beneficial arrangements in support of the film. The first was Voyance Insights, an online marketing and consultatio

12 Mar 0 Comment

Entry 14: Cooking A Website With Gas

I met with Joel, Sebastien and Danny of Voyance Insights today. Gave them the big pitch - that if they assist our company, Veritas Entertainment, to create a website for free and it’s awesome - that they will have the opportunity to pitch Contained The Movie Pty Ltd for the chance to handle online marketing for the film. Those three guys are super smart, and are used to working together at a level in which they get quickly bored with obvious statements. Unfortunately, when I open my mouth, that’s all that pretty much comes out, so I had to be aware of that. Obviously, getting them on boa

25 Mar 0 Comment

Entry 15: Pre Pre

I’ve been in contact with Shannon every week (usually Wednesday) to coordinate efforts, discuss progress and generally contribute as much as possible to the progression of pre-pre. Ryan and I had gotten together to write out an indicative schedule of how we saw the entire production panning out, and I shared it with Shan. Together we tweaked, and then went ahead and released it to all stakeholders. This schedule finishes with the end of the shoot on the 27th of August. No idea how realistic that is, but it’s something to aim for in spite of all of the variables that can influence reality.