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05 Feb 0 Comment

Entry 9: Shut Up And Wait

So after on-going discussions with Ryan about what we think are the logistics and challenges of the production, I wrote up and sent through the following email to Andy: Hi Andy, Hope you had a great weekend! I have a few items I'd like to touch base with you on, but I'm keenly aware that this could be annoying. I'm just eager to "get goin'" given the size of the project we're about to undertake and the timeframes involved! I appreciate you would have plenty on your plate right now, so please feel free to tell me to get back under my rock until you're good and ready :) The MOU Is there an

09 Feb 0 Comment

Entry 10: Great Phone Call

I responded to an email from Andy that came through yesterday. He said that The Film Distillery staff had their first day of discussion about how to make Contained. There was also some points about raising the crew, and special effects teams that are in the running to work on the film. It’s all starting to feel very real. The last point was that we should name the date and time that we intend to come up to Canberra and he’ll make time to meet with us. Looks like we’ll be able to go up there on the weekend of the 13th and 14th, but I told him that we’d confirm closer to those dates.

18 Feb 0 Comment

Entry 11: Normal Life

For the past few days, normal life has dominated our existence. Work is still work, and family life is still family life. I find myself valuing the time I have to see The Missus and the kids even more - I know it’s because the thought of being away from them for such a long period of time is not something I relish. OK, I’ll be honest, I can’t stand the thought of being away from them. It’s gonna be tough, there’s no doubt about it. I’m sure being away is very normal for a professional filmmaker, but I’m not used to the concept. I admit I’m extra soft when it comes to this sort

24 Feb 0 Comment

Entry 12: The Weekend In Canberra

The weekend in Canberra. As we drove up, Ryan and I had a lot of fun chatting about life in general, abusing each other for not following directions and laughing a lot at stupid jokes that I’m sure anyone else would’ve found incredibly lame. We hit Canberra on the Friday evening, and found our way to the cabin in the park that we had booked for the weekend. It was awesome, actually; two bedrooms, large living area, powerful air conditioning and all very luxurious. I had no idea it was that good when I booked it, but we were well pleased. The heat was intense and it was fantastic to have s