Keep Up To Date With Veritas Entertainment

09 Jan 0 Comment

Entry 3: Stress Levels Rising

So a few days ago, I saw a quick post on Facebook from Michael Favelle saying that he was off to another international film market. This is not surprising, in that’s how he plies his trade. I just assumed, in those split second thought processes that you have as you scan info, that he would be reading the scripts en route or something like that. But then we got this email from Andy: Hey everyone, Thank you for your scripts - I can say that personally it has been an absolute joy reading them, and my own excitement level is rising sharply now that I can really see the potential for these fi

16 Jan 0 Comment

Entry 4: A Long Phone Conversation

Saturday night. Ryan and I had a long phone conversation which appears to be about many things film related, but is actually just our way of dealing with the tension. The mindless prattle turned to something interesting, however, when Ryan remembered that Monica contacted the successfully shortlisted applicants a day before the communicated date back in late September. If they hold to that, it’s quite possible that the candidate (or candidates if it’s us) would be contacted on Friday the 22nd of January. I suggested to Ryan that if it is us, we buy cheap cask wine over the following weeke

20 Jan 0 Comment

Entry 5: Silent Scream of Angst

Wednesday, and halfway through the ‘extra’ week we have to wait to hear which of the lucky candidates are safely through as the first film to be greenlit. My job represents a 10 to 12 hour day more times than not, so the hectic working week offers plenty to keep me, and my partner The Missus, preoccupied with. In spite of this, today I have noticed for the first time a slowly building, silent scream of angst. It’s always there, just under the surface. It’s a shrill shout of despair, asking me how I will deal with not being picked. “What will you do,” it asks me? “How will you fee

22 Jan 0 Comment

Entry 6: Preemptive Healing

Friday. The day that we were guessing the ‘winner’ might actually get the call, to free up the ‘losers’ to hear their bad news news on Monday 25th. We haven’t heard dick. At 7:32pm, Ryan starts this text exchange with me: Ryan No call then? Richard Nope. We are out. Ryan Yep. We gave it a good shot. Guess we are shit. Who woulda guessed. Richard Me. Ryan Yep. Me too. Damn. We were right all along! A few things going on here; self pity, self loathing, comedic relief, all of which come together to provide the first step to deal with hearing what feels like the inevitable b

25 Jan 0 Comment

Entry 7: A Waste Of Breath The Days Behind

Monday. D-Day - unless they delay the announcement again. I know that I did things over the weekend. Things happened. Some of those things were probably of consequence. And yet, I have no memory of them right now. All I know is that today is Monday. To bastardise Yeats, the days to come seemed waste of breath. A waste of breath the days behind, in balance with this fucking Monday. It stretches on, this day, and in turn stretches me like a rubber band pulled beyond its known capacity. I feel ready to snap and fly off into the ether, and there’s another part of me that’s quite prepared for

28 Jan 0 Comment

Entry 8: Your Half Of The Fees

Ryan drove back from the Murray early so we could get together and talk about what all of this actually means for us, and our families. We met at a restaurant in the town that I live. I pulled up next to him in the carpark, got out and shook his hand, and then we both laughed and hugged. I had imagined how we might react to the news once we finally, after so many years, got a green light, and it was in no way as subdued as this. I fantasised about immediately setting my office desk on fire and dancing around the flames, or just running around like a loon and screaming my head off. Our more re