Keep Up To Date With Veritas Entertainment

09 Dec 0 Comment

Entry 1: Into The Final Nine

Writing this journal is a bad idea. I mean, it has to be, right? It’s supposed to be a blow by blow account of what happened when I made my first feature film, from green light all the way to the premiere. But what it’s probably going to end up being is premature; a classic example of tempting fate. To start a journal about making a movie before I know that the movie is going to be made is no better then leaning back after welding the last rivet onto the Titanic and declaring her unsinkable. But, hey. What if the worst doesn’t happen, and instead the best does? What if the start of my

31 Dec 0 Comment

Entry 2: Brown Paper Baggin’ It

This email from Karel came through today, and it made me want to puke and defecate at the same time: Hi guys, Quick reminder that I need to receive your scripts today. I guess the deadline is 23.59h tonight, but I'm hoping you'll be doing different things in those final moments before the cutoff. So far we have only received scripts from: Sam Tony Marisa Russell We have to be really strict, as obviously we will start reading tonight, 1 Jan at 00.00h, to ensure we have a verdict for you by 15 Jan. Thanks for your understanding. Oh, and Happy New Year! Cheers, Karel Say whaaaat? Yo